Why I love my cannabis dispensary more than the others.

I really love my cannabis dispensary, and it’s not just because I own it.

The thing I love about my cannabis dispensary is the staff.

The staff at my marijuana dispensary is extremely knowledgeable because I made them undergo rigorous training. Before I owned my own cannabis dispensary, I would go into various ones near me and I always felt like the budtenders had no idea what they were talking about. I remember once I asked a budtender about the benefits of CBD and he just said it helps everything. While that might be true, I was looking for product specific information that the cannabis dispensary just couldn’t offer me because the staff had no idea. I had many friends tell me that had similar experiences with marijuana dispensaries and I knew that if I opened one it would be with a much more knowledgeable staff. When I got the chance to open my cannabis dispensary I was so excited. The first thing I did was look up online cannabis training. I found so much information online about running a cannabis dispensary and then I just kept learning as much as possible. Now all of the staff on my team knows everything there is to know about each new marijuana product that enters our dispensary doors. My dispensary has been awarded best cannabis dispensary in the area and I am always trying to get better. If you want your cannabis dispensary to really succeed I urge you to give your staff proper training or you will be closing your doors shortly.

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