Which strains you should stock at your cannabis dispensary.

Owning a cannabis dispensary can be a lot of fun because you get to decide which products you will stock.

If you are huge fan of OG Kush, then you can have it in all forms.

You can have pot brownies or any other type of edible you want. You can also have it in cannabis oil form or flower, basically if you can find the marijuana product you can have it! One of the best selling strains is Orange Kush, so you should really consider stocking that. If you think your cannabis dispensary already has a great inventory, it very well might. You should also consider the fact that just because you think your cannabis dispensary has a great stock doesn’t mean that your customers will agree. One way to test what your customers are interested in is to offer new marijuana products every now and again. This way you can see what your cannabis dispensary clients are interested in. For example at my cannabis dispensary I just tried this out to see what would work best. I ordered some new pot brownies and then asked the customers which flavor they liked best. I then ordered more of the pot brownies that got the highest vote and made them a permanent product in my cannabis dispensary. Now the pot brownies sell very well and it’s all because I brought them in at first as a new marijuana product. It can seem complicated to figure out the business of running a marijuana dispensary, but it’s really not once you understand everything.

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