Viewing a dispensary menu

I have been employed in a dispensary for four and a half years and I like the work. I work as a full time budtender in the dispensary.  I am proud to say that I have the highest sales rating in the store. I am familiar with our cannabis products and know what customers want. I have a pitch that I use when someone enters the store. I remember the repeat clients and offer new  products that might help. I recognize the first time clients and help them find the type of product which would work for them. Since I am so good at my job, I earned a promotion. In a month I will be taking over as the manager of the dispensary. I figured I was all set to go, because I already did marijuana science training along with budtender sales training when I was first hired. I worked with an online company and did a bunch of pretend sales pitches. I learned some helpful tips on how to get promote specific products and how to make everyone feel good about the experience. Well, since I am now being promoted I need to learn on what it encompasses to be a manager. I have to get dispensary team education. These courses are focused on pushing our budtenders that I oversee to be more productive. The best information I have l achieved so for is called ABC. It stands for  Always Be Coaching. I need to be give them helpful hints and stress that they should ask more questions. Also, the company recommended that I do weekly accountability meetings with the staff. We should set goals as an individual and as a team during those meetings. Finally, the training course helped me to make the budtenders feel proud of their accomplishments, support our industry and find a way to be successful.

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