This is how I feel about cannabis

The two of us have moved around from place to place, but it seems like the two of us might finally be in a home area where two of us would be happy for a long time. The two of us have maintained the type of tradition in our community, that leads to know Commerce for this area. When the laws were changed to allow cannabis sales, everyone in the area seemed to drag their feet for years. Now it has been two years since everyone has made that ruling and they are finally going to roll out with some medical cannabis dispensaries. The dispensaries will only be available to patients with a medical marijuana card, in addition to the fact that they are going to make them about as difficult as possible to get into. The two of us have found that the amount of medical cannabis dispensaries are going to be doubled in five years and the two of us want to get in on that. The two of us decided to find the closest place that offered marijuana education classes in addition to cannabis budtender classes. Both of us were happy to learn about these education at the exact same time. Every person in our class wanted to take these marijuana science training classes, but there was an optimistic number of people that didn’t want to pay for them. It was absolutely hopeful that more people will sign up to help out with these cannabis sales, but for now it is hopeful that more dispensaries will be coming in the future.

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