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Twenty percent of military personnel who have been involved in confrontation in Iraq plus Afghanistan report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Four out of five Vietnam-era veterans still experience symptoms of PTSD a full century after serving. Veterans sometimes relive the trauma in flashbacks or dreams.  They avoid reminders of combat plus develop downside beliefs about people plus the world. The trauma is far too familiar plus made far worse when there’s an injury. A lot of veterans suffer both drastic physical trauma plus mild to major brain injury.  Symptoms include cognitive plus personality swings. Depression plus anxiety persist for weeks plus even years. Coming back apartment plus attempting to step back into family life plus the labor environment can be overwhelming. Veterans sometimes end up homeless, with no income, plus the risk of suicide is high.  Standard PTSD treatment involves antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, plus sleep aids. The side effects are similar to the actual symptoms of PTSD. Recent studies of cannabis suggests that it is a safer plus more effective treatment. CBD affects the brain’s stress regulation plan plus provides long-term symptom relief.  While this is nice news, the complication is that veterans have difficulty gaining access to the marijuana products needed to lessen their symptoms. The use of treating PTSD is currently prohibited by federal law. Because of this, research has been limited. Veterans Administration doctors are not allowed to prescribe marijuana.  They have been prevented from even discussing the benefits. Fortunately an decreasing number of states have already passed or expanded laws offering PTSD sufferers access to medical cannabis.

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