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I task in an creature shelter and have made it our life’s mission to rescue abused and neglected creatures.  For nearly twenty years, I suffered crippling pain and tried all sorts of peculiar medical treatments, simply hoping for relief.  Now, I can finally take our pets for a walk and get down on the floor and play with our cats without pain, thanks to CBD oil. When I was in school, I fell off the bleachers while I was in a basketball game and suffered a traumatic head injury. After the accident, I went to a specialists because of exhausting pain in our jaw. I l earned that I had 1 of the most complex jaw injuries doctors had ever encountered. Over the years, the pain intensified, and because I also suffer from Central Sensitization Syndrome, the pain is worse and lasts longer for myself and others than everyone. The combined effect of our symptoms has led  to anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. In our mid-thirties, even our job was falling part. I was dealing with slurred speech, memory loss and dizziness which caused myself and others to miss a good deal of work. I sporadically appeared drunk, because of the our symptoms, and was finally asked to take a medical leave. Although I was beginning to provide up hope, I tried just about every pain treatment proposal I could find. I’ve seen countless doctors and fatigued all sorts of traditional and alternative medicines. At 1 point, I was taking up to 25 prescription medicines per afternoon, and even met with a holistic hypnotist. Unfortunately, the conventional medications caused adverse side effects. I simply got lucky 1 afternoon.  My sibling started dating a guy who works in the medical cannabis industry. He introduced myself and others to hemp oil about numerousweeks ago. On the minute afternoon of taking hemp oil, I noticed the tremors were gone from our hands. I could get out of bed and tranathletic activity around without dire pain. I’ve lost weight, no longer take antidepressants and have significantly decreased our intake of other medications. Because of CBD, I can now take long walks with the pets and I’ve never felt better.

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