Talking with doctors about marijuana

When I was at the podiatrist’s office Last week an interesting topic came up.  The podiatrist’s form was asking myself and others the usual inquiries regarding health habits such as smoking, alcohol intake, sleeping, etc, when we got to the topic of using drugs recreationally.  Now, I am have a century old & have never had to answer that question before… I am of the opinion it is a sign of the times but it was rather disconcerting. I never imagined a time when the use of marijuana would be socially acceptable.  My podiatrist told myself and others that his personal opinion was that medical marijuana was better used for pain control rather than as a legal drug. The health benefits for those with continuous pain or with Parkinson’s can be tremendous but if it is used wrongly, it can be bad, especially if the user attempts to operate a motor vehicle. I know that our state officials are thinking about passing new laws when it comes to the legalization of this substance & I have my own thoughts about it too. I believe the stigma of being a “pothead” as it was called in my day still gets under my skin a bit.  I am well aware that hardly anyone feels there is a stigma to medical marijuana, but the recreational use of marijuana is still not allowed in several states & it is not legalized nationwide, but, I am sure it is only a matter of time before that changes. Changing times & differing opinions are implementing this change relatively quickly. I do understand the benefits for those in need of medical treatments, but as for me, I don’t suppose I will ever feel comfortable with marijuana being passed around at a party.

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