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I suffer from acute anxiety. It periodically interrupts my life. Anxiety causes me to worry about needless things almost all of the time. It also makes little  things seem much worse. For instance, my husband was complaining about his job. I think everyone is often unhappy at work. Because of my anxiety, I started to worry about him losing his job or quitting, struggling to pay the bills and eventually losing the house.  The thought process escalates into big issues and then I become completely overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. My cousin owns a marijuana dispensary in the local area. He advised the use of CBD oil to help with anxiety. I was a little bit skeptical at first. I’ve never used any kind of marijuana in the past. I’ve heard all of the negative connotations and was definitely biased against it.  Even considering using CBD was a big change for me. After some research, I realized that CBD oil is totally natural and harmless. It doesn’t provide any harmful side effects or cause the sensation of getting high. This type of cannabis is gaining a lot of attention in the medical field because of the many benefits. I decided to give it a try. I was hoping that the CBD oil from the marijuana dispensary would help with a bit with anxiety. I was hoping  to get off all the other medications that put me at risk of all sorts of other problems. The CBD oil has been a miracle for me. I am a new person. After just a couple days, I felt this sense of calm.

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