My sister is different than most people

My sister Samantha has always been the type to march to the beat of her own drum, so to speak.

Ever since we were kids, she always had to do things her own way and she never wanted to be just like everyone else. She always stood out in a crowd! I think that’s why my family and I weren’t too surprised when Samantha decided to forego the college experience and start up her own legal weed product delivery service business here in town. My dad was uneasy by it, since he’s not a big fan of using cannabis products in the first place. Our mom however, thought that it was great. My mom is the exact opposite of our dad, and she’s the one who took my sister and I to a marijuana store for the first time just after we turned twenty a few years ago! Of course, now our dad is blaming our mom for the fact that Samantha is opening up this recreational marijuana delivery service. My mom just laughs at him, though. She says that people are going to get their legal weed products from someplace, no matter what. She says that as long as people are buying legal weed products, then my sister ought to be able to profit from it by running her legal weed product delivery service business. Now I think I’m on the fence about the whole thing. I don’t really care if people use cannabis products, but I don’t think I want my sister to be considered as the marijuana delivery queen of our county, either.

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