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I’m able to remember that life isn’t all about work

It’s so important for me to relax. I just tend to be a single of those people that gets so caught up in labor and overall responsibilities that I forget to just chill out a bit. I believe that is what weekends are for right? It’s just not that straight-forward for me. I work close to 71 hour a week. So the weekends tend to be the time where I absolutely have to catch up on all the stuff around the house. That means doing all my laundry, shopping plus all the errands I didn’t have time to do during the week due to all the time I spend at work. So in there, I tend to try to system a trip to the cannabis cafe. That planned trip to the cannabis shot that works out on a couple of levels. First, I take the time to stop, relax plus prefer the supplier of dear friends. However, having my monthly stop at the cannabis cafe also allows myself and others the opportunity to get something that more or less helps myself and others relax. Cannabis plus cannabis products are essential for myself and others to balance my point of view. It also may be once or twice a week. But indulging in a sativa strain or some sort of cannabis edible really, genuinely helps myself and others out. I’m able to remember that life isn’t all about work. While I still end up working a lot, I don’t hate myself for it so much. Being able to slide around the corner from the cannabis cafe to the cannabis dispensary is a reason I keep this monthly appointment.



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