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I suffer from extreme anxiety. It sometimes gets really bad. Anxiety causes me to worry about all sorts of needless things almost all of the time. It makes issues that are a little bit on the negative side seem so much worse. I struggle to sleep through the night. I often wake up because of stress and then cannot go back to sleep. I have trouble relaxing, and experience headaches, nausea and even hair loss. My anxiety has caused me to miss a lot of work. Little things escalate quickly into big things until I’m completely overwhelmed with stress. I know a guy who owns a marijuana dispensary here in the local area. He proposed that I try CBD oil to help alleviate my anxiety. I was a little bit reluctant at first, because I’ve never tried any kind of marijuana before. I’ve never even eaten anything lacked with pot.  Using CBD oil was a big step for me. After some research, I realized that CBD oil is totally safe. It’s natural and won’t cause any harmful side effects. CBD does not create the high sensation associated with many other strains of cannabis. I decided to try it and hope for the best. I was thinking that maybe the CBD oil from the marijuana dispensary might be sufficient to treat my anxiety. This would allow me to stop taking the prescription medications that were causing me stress because of the side effects. Within two days of taking the CBD oil, I felt the difference. It has greatly improved my quality of life.

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