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My cousins and aunt got into the discussion the other day the legalization of marijuana. Is turned out to be a rather sensitive issue plus several of our family members were concerned about legalizing marijuana. There was a definite divided between the older members of our family, my aunt and uncle, plus younger one’s, my cousins, as to the harmful effects of marijuana use. I think this great divide is because of the not too long ago stigma of people who smoke pot being losers.  Granted, I and my aunt and uncle grew up in a era of hippies plus people who were against law enforcement, this led most folks, including my aunt and uncle, to suppose that people who used cannabis plus did drugs were irresponsible people who lived off of the system. In more modern times, professionals such as nurses, teachers, plus even some health care practitioners use marijuana instead of drinking. This is done in states that have legalized marijuana as well as in states that have not yet passed laws protecting medical marijuana use.  My cousins argue that they would rather have someone kneeling at home, mellowed out by the use of marijuana, then have them being violently drunk. The lasting effects of marijuana use are far less cumbersome than that of having a hangover the following day. This is important because if you are a physician or an airline pilot who is responsible for the lives of others, it is of paramount importance that you are are able to focus at work, however even with these arguments it was beyond the ability of my aunt and uncle to agree that there were some positives to marijuana use versus that of having a cocktail. It is unquestionably taxing to change the minds of people when they grew up with a stigma surrounding marijuana. Even when I tried to convince my aunt and uncle that medical marijuana had made better the lives of so many people, my aunt and uncle were unable to accept the fact that people should be able to have legal access to cannabis.

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