Marijuana use has given me a new sense of value in life

It’s undoubtedly consistent that it has been way overdue and also a long time coming.

I am referring to the way I had been residing within this life of mine.

Life was more of a contest to be won than a journey to be lovingly experienced. That was an undoubtedly flawed way to look at life. It was also a stupid waste of my time. I hate that this perspective was how I was approaching this rare life. I’m lucky to have changed that up for a much more holistic approach. The use of legal cannabis has allowed me to turn our old perspective by 175 degrees. Looking back, I now understand just how I ended up feeling as though life was simply a nonstop endurance contest. When I left university to start a career, that was the beginning of me moving away from a centered approach to life. The magic of life was suddenly replaced by demands and also achievement. Where I once spent a bit of time enjoying recreational cannabis, I could only find time for worry and constant stress. Then, it was off to the races in a downward spiral of failed expectations and constant misery. But it changed when I had a life altering health condition. I found myself willing to fight to have a perspective on life that was based in the positive for a change. Recreational marijuana was at the center of that pivotal time as well. The rehabilitation was hard and also took a lot out of me. Yet the legal cannabis and a more holistic perspective were there to pull me along. Now, I have a life that is really worth living for.

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