I was so overwhelmed

I have worked in a dispensary for five years.  I am happy with my work. I am employed as a full time budtender at the dispensary.  I have the highest sales rating in the store. I am very knowledgeable about our cannabis products. I have an effective pitch that I offer when a client walks into the store. I can identify the repeat buyers and offer them new products they might like. I notice first time buyers and help them find the type of product that would be best for them. Since I am so good at my job, I got a promotion. In a month I will take over as the manager of the dispensary. I figured I was all prepared for the job.  I completed marijuana science training & budtender sales training when I was initially hired. I was trained by a business and completed a bunch of fake sales pitches. I gained some helpful insight on how to get products off the shelves & how to make everyone feel good about their experience. Now that I am being promoted, I need to learn what it takes to be a manager. I am taking dispensary team education. These courses are centered around pushing our budtenders to be better. The most helpful things I’ve learned so for is called ABC, which stands for Always Be Coaching. I need to provide them helpful hints and encourage them to ask more questions. Also, I was advised to hold weekly accountability meetings with the staff.  We should set goals as an individual & as a team during those meetings. Finally, the training course stressed that I should make sure the budtenders feel good about their accomplishments, understand our industry & find a way to help our clients.

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