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My friends at work got into the discussion the other day the legalization of marijuana. Is turned out to be quite the heated discussion & several of my friends at work were upset about it. There was a definite divided between the older friends at the office & younger one’s I work with as to the bad effects of marijuana use. I imagine this is because of the seasoned stigma of people who smoke pot being dope fiend deadbeats. Granted,  some of my older friends grew up in a era of hippies & drug users who were against any form of patriotism, this led them to think that all the college aged kids who smoked pot & did drugs were spoiled selfish lazy people who lived off stealing and their parents. In this day and age, contrary to that old pothead stereotype, professionals such as attorneys, mentors, & even some physicians use marijuana on as a replacement for an after dinner cocktail or two. This is done in states that have legalized marijuana as well as states where marijuana use remains illegal.  The younger friends at work argue that they would prefer to be around someone who has ingested cannabis as opposed to someone who has gotten drunk. The hangover effects of marijuana use are far less than that of having an alcohol-induced hangover the following day & when you have to go to work the next day, marijuana will not leave you feeling hungover. Even with these insights, it was taxing for the older members of our work family to concede the point that there were some positives to marijuana use and it could be better than drinking. It is entirely overwhelming to change the opinion of people from the previous generation. Even when I tried to convince my older work friends that medical marijuana has vastly improved several lives, those older work friends were not able to accept the fact that people should be able to use it on a correct basis.

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