I told him everything I know

I have worked in a marijuana dispensary for six years and I am very happy in my work. I am empoyed as a full time budtender at a dispensary. I am proud to have the highest sales of all the employees.  I am knowledgeable in the cannabis products and know how to match client to the perfect product. I have a personalized pitch that I use when a client walks in the store. I have made connections with the repeat clients and introduce them to new products they might prefer. I am good with first time clients and can determine what type of product will work for them. Since I am so skilled at my work, I received a promotion. In a few weeks, I will be acting manager of the dispensary. I assumed I was all good to go. I mean I already have completed marijuana training as a budtender.  I have done sales training as well. I went through a bunch of fake sales pitches. I got some great tips on how to promote certain products and how to put everyone at ease. I want to provide a good experience. Because I am being promoted, I needed to learn exactly what it takes to be a manager. I am taking dispensary team education courses. These classes are focused on helping the budtenders that I oversee become more effective. The best tools I have l acquired include ABC,which stands for Always be Coaching. I need to give them helpful encouragement and get them to ask more questions. Also, the teacher recommended annual accountability meetings.  We should set goals as an individual and as a sales team during those meetings. Finally, the training course has helped me to pass this information onto the budtenders so that they can feel good about their accomplishments. Our industry helps people get the medical help they need.

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