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My parents and siblings got into the discussion the other day the legalization of marijuana. Cannabis turned out to be a rather Hot Topic because my family members feel strongly about it. There was an obvious chasm between my parents and my siblings as to the harmful effects of marijuana use. I think this chasm is because of the old stigma of people who smoke pot being irresponsible potheads.  Granted, parents grew up in a era of hippies plus people who were protesting America, and this attitude led my parents and more conservative people of the generation to decide that people who enjoyed marijuana were irresponsible people who lived off of the system. Nowadays, however, more and more people Рeven professionals such as lawyers, educators, plus even some physicians Рuse marijuana. This is done in states that have legalized marijuana as well as in states that do not yet have legal marijuana. My siblings argues that they would prefer to have someone resting at home, mellowed out by the use of marijuana, then have them resting at condo violently drunk. The lasting effects of marijuana use are far less than those of alcohol. If you are going to use alcohol, you are likely to be unable to function well the next day, while marijuana use has fewer residual effects. It is certainly hard to change the opinion of people like my parents when they grew up with such a bad impression of marijuana use. Even when I tried to convince my mother and father that medical marijuana had changed many lives for the better, they simply refused to accept the fact that people should be able to enjoy recreational marijuana use just as easily as they do the use of alcohol.

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