Got the cure for my anxiety

I’m here to declare that medical weed benefits my personal and day to day life in a huge way.

Anxiety had been a part of my everyday life since at least private school.

And it may have gone back even further but I am sort of hazy on that. Regardless, anxiety has been something I have been dealing with and it has not been easy. I even went the antidepressant road for a while. It helped only a tiny bit. Yet, the negative effects were so horrible that whatever pro I received regarding the anxiety was removed by the side effects. It got to the point that I just had to transfer on from the meds. A friend suggested that I give medical cannabis a try. She suffered from periods of bad depression and found cannabis products to be hugely beneficial for her. I figured that would be really worth the effort of running the marijuana regulations so I could access a cannabis dispensary. While the idea of getting our medical marijuana card was going on, I sought out cannabis info. There were some cannabis workstations that I attended to get a better cannabis education. Once I had access to the medical cannabis store, I was guided to good cannabis flower products that had been shown to really relieve anxiety. It didn’t take but a few tries of the medical cannabis before I saw the right improvement. I’ve stuck with medical cannabis since and have seen fantastic results. My anxiety is at the lowest portion it has ever been.

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