Finding a dispensary

I suffer from acute anxiety. It gets  really bad sometimes. Anxiety makes me worry about little things. It makes these small things seem important. For instance, my husband John gets on my nerves now and then. I know that’s how it is in all marriages. Because of my anxiety, the little things he does escalate into a big problem until   I’m completely overwhelmed with stress. A friend of mine owns a marijuana dispensary in the local area. He suggested I try using some CBD oil to help with my anxiety. I was a little bit reluctant at first. I’ve never used any kind of marijuana before. I’ve never tried a pot brownie! Trying CBD was a big step for me. After some research, I realized that CBD oil is totally natural and safe.  It doesn’t cause side effects or give the feeling of getting high like other types of cannabis strains. I decided to try it. I was hoping the CBD oil from her marijuana dispensary would make a difference in my anxiety. I would like to get off the other medications that cause a lot of awful side effects. I’m constantly feeling lethargic and I worry over liver damage from prolonged use. The CBD oil had no worrisome side effects. Within a few days of trying it, I felt like a whole new person. I no longer stressed over little things. I was better able to handle bigger problems. I am sleeping better at night and feeling happier and more energized during the day. The CBD oil has been a miracle for me.

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