Feeling less stress

Once in a while it appears that the people I was with and I all are entirely just trying our best to get through this life.

However for me, getting through life’s just not enough.

I am not looking to be at the end of my time on this planet only to look back & know for a fact that I wasted a bunch of opportunity. This would be such a sad turn of events. But, it happens all the time. People spend so much energy on security & success that they forget all the other lovely stuff that makes up this life. This outlook on life is a bit modern to me. But that’s because I was just introduced to a cannabis dispensary not too long ago. I have been dealing with depression for some years at this point. I just didn’t believe as though there was a spark in my life. The only thing that I did was work & worry it seemed. I tried the western medicines for that. But antidepressants just didn’t entirely help me out all that much. Then I went to a therapist who suggested I try cannabis & cannabis products as part of a lifestyle update. It was time to cut the cycle of too much worry & too much work. She recommended a cannabis dispensary in town so I went to have a look. The fourth I went inside, I knew I was in a great arena. It just provided off a feeling of calm & serenity. But when I started talking with the person that was helping me out, I realized that I was very in the right arena. Cannabis has helped me cut a terrible cycle of behavior & replace it with a much more serene 1. And I’m feeling better than I ever have.


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