booze and marijuana

When I was at an orthopedic visit not long ago, an interesting topic came up.  The doctor was asking me the usual and common questions about health habits such as smoking, drinking, sleep, etc, when we got to the area of recreational drug use.  Now, I am no spring chicken plus have never had to fill out an answer to that question before, then i think it is a sign of the times however I was a little taken aback. I never imagined a time when the use of marijuana was a regular occurrence. My orthopedist told me that his personal opinion is that cannabis, or marijuana was better used for medical conditions rather than as a recreational use drug.  The benefits for patients who have chronic pain or seizure conditions can be tremendous however if cannabis is used without proper supervision, it can be dangerous, especially if the user is in his car or truck and driving down the road. I think that our state officials are considering new laws when it comes to making marijuana legal, plus I have my own problems too. I think the stigma of being a “pothead” as it was commonly known in my day still bothers me.  I am well aware that marijuana use is more socially acceptable now because even people who task in the professional world might smoke weed, but the recreational use of marijuana is still a certainly controversial Topic in my mind and around many conservative folks, plus it is not legalized on the federal level, that being said, I am sure someday cannabis will be nationally legal, and changing times plus increasing opinions are getting this change to happen much faster than many of us would prefer, I do see the benefits for those with medical necessity, however as for myself I don’t think I will ever enjoy marijuana at a cocktail party.

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